tifix® - litos/ - multidirektional winkelstabile Osteosynthese
Pioneer of multidirectional locking screw technology since 1987.

tifix®- the modern multidirectional locking screw system

tifix® is a locking screw-plate system with a free choice of multidirectional screw position. Locking screw technology signifies a frictional connection. It is found as a construction principle in nature and is based on areal transmission of load and forces (frictional connection). This effective principle also allows implants to be of smaller dimensions than before and nevertheless achieve a greater loading capacity.

The flow of forces and thus the loading of the individual screws vary. The flow of forces is greatest through the screw next to the fracture line and is about half, it is about one third through the next screw and the remaining screws bear the rest. Locking screw technology leads to optimal areal transmission of forces in the area of contact between the bone and screw and plate. This avoids overloading of bone or implant. The multidirectional screw positioning makes work easier for the surgeon and the effect is reinforced by the optimal biomechanical position and by the greater screw lengths. The result is that the longest possible tifix® screw is the most effective. The tifix® screw head is threaded and this thread locks in the plate hole through reshaping proceses due to differences in material hardness and design. The connection demonstrates high strength.

  • easy screw positioning without use of special guiding instrument
  • free choice of screw angulation from 0°-15°
  • greater angles can be achieved with the aid of a thread forming instrument (up to 20°)
  • correction of screw position possible without loss of locking function - up to two times within the same screw hole
  • easy metal removal

tifix® technology is comprehensively protected by national and international patents.