history - litos/ - multidirektional winkelstabile Osteosynthese
Pioneer of multidirectional locking screw technology since 1987.

History and present range of services

In 1987 litos/ started its history with a world premiere. 

The company presented the first multidirectional locking screw internal fixator for spinal surgery1. The so-called Compression Plate Fixator has granted numerous international patents and has proven itself a thousandfold.

This success and already existing international contacts enabled litos/ to expand its product range very rapidly, for example by the Ilizarov ring fixator system.


Many aspects of this system have been optimised in the past. The presentation of tifix©-technology2 in 1993 represented another milestone of internal fixator technology and was once more a world premiere.

 By locking the screw head without further devices it was now possible to produce multidirectional locking screw plates of all thicknesses, the surgeon's options were expanded enormously.
tifix©-technology enabled litos/ to build up a comprehensive variety of products for internal fixation. Today litos/ still is the only company worldwide whose internal multidirectional locking screw

 product line reaches from tip to toe.
tifix©-technology is comprehensively protected by national and international patents. It forms the basis on which our research laboratories constantly work on forward-looking innovations.

Over twentyfive years of experience and highly qualified experts enable us to manufacture and deliver patient specific implants with tifix©-technology within 72 hours. Another outstanding attribute of litos/.

By Introducing the Pressure Plate Fixator and tifix©-technology-, litos/ is the pioneer of multidirectional locking screw technology. This positions litos/ as one of the leading companies in implant innovation.

*1 invented by Prof Dr. Dietmar Wolter, Hamburg

*2 tifix® technology is patented by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolter, Hamburg